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Application Development

Custom Application Development from iapps24

Got an app idea? Let's build it together. iapps24 plans, designs, and builds custom applications for mobile devices like smartphones and tablet computers. We can take projects from idea to launch or jump in wherever our clients happen to be. We believe a project's audience, goals, and needs should dictate which platforms you target, not the other way around. As such, our team is equipped to complete mobile projects on a variety of leading platforms.

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iOS, iPhone, and iPad

Our team is super-fluent in iOS. We know iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch, iCloud‚the whole lot.

Beautiful, well-made devices deserve beautiful, well-made apps. We're well-versed in Apple's design standards and can optimize both native apps ‚ downloaded from the apps store ‚ and web apps ‚ accessed via a mobile web browser ‚ for iPhone and iPad devices. We've built apps for a number of different generations of Apple hardware and software. We can build your app to take advantage of the latest and greatest advancements out of Apple's HQ in Cupertino, as well as optimize compatibility for older generations, too.


iOS projects benefit from only needing to consider a small pool of devices, well-documented best practices, and Apple's unquestionable brand appeal in the minds of many consumers.

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Android = diversity. Diversity of handsets, diversity in software versions, diversity in features and functionality. Creating a great Android app requires a hard-working and flexible team willing to go the distance in research, testing, and design. iapps24 is that team.


We've built stand-alone Android releases as well as projects seeking consistency across multiple platforms. We understand the complexities implicit in the Android platform and pride ourselves on consistent, well-designed applications that feel custom-built for the device they're running on. Our team has released multiple apps on the Android Market and understand what it takes to get an Android project from idea to completion.

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Apps for the Mobile Web

When you need to offer a great experience to as many users, devices, and platforms as possible, you might be looking at a project designed for the mobile web. Websites and web apps designed for mobile are accessed via a device's built-in web browser, making your app simultaneously available on multiple platforms.


Put your platform woes at ease with a well-designed mobile web application from iapps24. Our mobile web developers use HTML5, CSS3, and JavaScript to develop mobile web apps that look and behave like native applications. Depending on the user's platform, they may even be able to create a home screen shortcut on their device that makes your app look and work just like any other they use.

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Blackberry and Windows Phone

Blackberry, Windows, and enterprise development is in our blood. Our developers have a deep background in business applications and development, making iapps24 a great fit for your Blackberry or Windows Phone projects. If you need to deliver a great native experience on as many devices as possible, or simply want to take advantage of a specific user base, we can help you get projects for these platforms done right.







There's a lot more to mobile than mobile. Accelerometers, gyroscopes, GPS, touch-screens, integrated cameras, lights and more add up to make mobile devices a lot more interesting ‚ and a bit more fun ‚ than their desktop predecessors. iapps24 can put these innovations to work for your project.


Push Messaging

Cut through the noise and connect directly with your customers via push notifications straight to their device. A push notification goes beyond email and text messaging to display a message right within an app or on the user's dashboard.


We have experience integrating push messaging functionality into both iOS and Android applications, including the ability to send picture-based messages. You can manage and send messages with a personalized web application as easy to update as Facebook or Twitter. With push, your app becomes an exclusively branded communication channel.


Social Integration

Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, FourSquare, and more ‚ we can make it all work together with your mobile app.


Mobile devices are unique in that they generally only allow the user to focus on one application or task at a time. This reality necessitates a lot of careful thinking about how your app interacts with services like Twitter, Facebook, and even email.


The Latest Tech

We stay up-to-date on the best way to use emerging technologies including augmented reality, QR codes, GPS, and more.


Database Connectivity

Got a lot of information to work with? No problem. We have extensive experience leveraging databases big and small in mobile and web development.


Application Marketing

You've got an app...now what? iapps24 can help you understand how to best market and promote your mobile application or service.






For Businesses

Consumer-Facing Apps

Reach mobile consumers with a beautiful, easy-to-use mobile application. Mobile users expect beautiful, interactive experiences well-matched to the device they are using. That can be challenging for businesses used to working with information-based websites or internal business tools not as concerned with aesthetics or marketability.


iapps24 has helped companies big and small launch public apps in order to provide customers better access to information, resources, and tools in a mobile setting. It's a great way to add value for current customers ‚ not to mention reaching new ones.


Amplified Marketing

Have an existing or upcoming marketing campaign, product launch, or live event? We can augment your campaign and amplify your marketing with a complementary mobile application.


Traditional marketing like print and broadcast advertising are increasingly being used to direct consumers toward accessing mobile apps and sites. Advertising often reaches consumers when a mobile device is most convenient. Make certain your campaign and information is available to the rapidly-growing base of smartphone users.


New Revenue Channels

These days, you don't have to be a tech company to sell software. Done right, mobile apps can open up entirely new revenue channels. The increasing ubiquity, affordability, and functionality of smartphones and tablets is making entirely new business models possible for traditional businesses.

It's a whole new world, and iapps24 can be your guide. We'd love to chat about potential revenue models for your app or project during a free initial consultation.


Business Productivity

Save time and money with business productivity tools designed for mobile. Our team has extensive experience with enterprise environments, database systems, and corporate communication, making us a great choice for your mobile business productivity project.


Tradeshows and Beyond

Let's slash that printing budget, shall we? Using tablet devices in trade show and direct sales environments is hot, hot hot. Replace stacks of quickly-dated brochures and flyers with slick mobile apps built that do a better job of showing off your products and services.


Integrate audio and video. Update statistics on the fly. Capture customer data ‚ even that coveted sign-off ‚ right then and there.





For Entrepreneurs

Whether you've got a full business plan or just a spark of an idea, iapps24 can bring your mobile app vision to life.


End-to-end Application Design and Creation

We help small teams and "solopreneurs" alike turn good ideas into great apps. We're just as comfortable augmenting an existing process as we are guiding the whole thing from end-to-end. Consulting, guidance, strategy development...wherever you're at, whatever you need, get it done faster with iapps24.



We're committed to pleasing clients with our work and how we do business. If your project necessitates an NDA or just common sense discretion until it's ready to take the world by storm, iapps24 is a partner you can trust.



When deciding to invest in developing your idea, it sure doesn't hurt to know how you can make that investment back. iapps24 is experienced with multiple ways of monetizing (making money) from mobile apps, including integrating in-app advertising (including iAds), selling apps on the App Store and Android Market, and in-app purchases.


Not sure which approach to take? We can help guide you with recommendations and examples. We'll get you the information you need to make informed decisions about monetizing your mobile app.


Brand Building

Part of the popularity of mobile apps is just how darn useful they can be. The days of lugging around separate notebooks, calculators, cameras, flashlights and more is going by the wayside as consumers find more and more ways to replace common tools and tasks with the utility of a great mobile app.


Providing consumers these tools can be a fantastic way to build your brand and increase revenue in other ways. Augment a book or educational program with a handy mobile tool just for your subscribers. Give people something fun and add a little joy to their life while spreading your message. Even if you're not thinking of selling an app directly, a strong mobile presence can do a lot for your personal or small business brand.





Go ahead ask us anything. We know you have questions, and we are here to help. Technology projects are not always easy to understand, so please schedule a free initial consultation and receive a no obligation quote. Click here to contact us, or read more about our services.



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