Our Process

step 1



Information Gathering


Initial Consultation

Help our team understand your needs and your business. We help you understand your options.



We produce a quote and budget with options for completing your project.


Planning and Scope

Resources are gathered, databases connected, and the project begins to come together.


step 2



Design & Development


Concepts and Wireframes

Much like blueprints for a building, we create a black and white representation of your entire application to check understanding and find areas for improvement.


Visual Design

With approved wire frames as a guide, our designers create the complete visual design of your app, branding and all.



Having already begun work on the infrastructure, our developers implement the visual designs to build out your app.



step 3



Launch & Support



We fully test your application using a variety of industry best practices to make sure it's stable, usable, and enjoyable on all target devices.



Our team takes care of packaging and submitting your application to the appropriate locations (such as the App Store and Android Marketplace) and gets it ready for download.


Support and Feedback

The day your app launches isn't the end of our relationship -- we'll still be there to provide assistance and ensure its success, and help you plan for the future.






Go ahead ask us anything. We know you have questions, and we are here to help. Technology projects are not always easy to understand, so please schedule a free initial consultation and receive a no obligation quote. Click here to contact us, or read more about our services.



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