Project Manager:

Our consultant’s work as Project Managers helping our clients manages and successfully implements software projects. Project Managers oversee the software development life cycle (SDLC) and update the stake holders from time to time on project milestones.The role of a Project Manager is to: (Plan to Implement Phase of SDLC)Plan
         icon  Plan
         icon  Execute
         icon  Finalize Project Deliverables
         icon  Acquire/Allocate Project Resources
         icon  Coordinate Work Effort
         icon  Defines The Project Objectives
         icon  Oversees Quality
         icon  Delivers The Project On Time
         icon  Delivers The Project Within Budget




Business Analyst & Business System Analyst:
Our Business Analyst & Business System Analysts are sort after in the industry. The core responsibilities of a Business Analyst are gathering Business Requirements and creating technical documentation .Our Business Analysts has extensive knowledge of different SDLC Methodologies, Use Cases, and Modeling Languages such as activity diagram & sequence diagrams.
The role of the Business Analyst is to: (Analyze Phase of SDLC)d1
          icon  Act as a Liaison between the Business team and IT team
          icon  Identify the business need of the customer
          icon  Understand the business processes
          icon  Propose the appropriate solution to the business problem
          icon  Gathering Business Requirements
          icon  Analyze and documenting Business Requirements
          icon  Communicating requirements
          icon  Verifying that the solution meets the requirements

At ATC our architects are very experienced in developing a design for small, medium and large sized projects. Architects are the brain of the operation who deign & implement a solution for a software application.Design
The role of the Architect is to: (Design Phase of SDLC)
          icon  Creates a design plan
          icon  Designs a solution based on the Business Requirements
          icon  Perform risk assessment
          icon  Develop the overall logic and IT architecture
          icon  Technical leadership
          icon  Consult across organization
          icon  Strategic decision making
          icon  Evaluate technologies
          icon  Implement design plans
ATC software developers are skilled in the latest cutting edge technology and are the way ahead of the technology curve. We have developers with expertise in various technologies like Java, .Net, SAS, Ruby, PeopleSoft, Oracle and other technologies.
The role of the Developer is to: (Produce Phase of SDLC)    Developer

         icon  Design and implement an executable code
         icon  Testing the resulting components
         icon  Debug errors
         icon  Software architecture
         icon  Component testing
         icon  Runtime analysis
         icon  Problem solving and analysis


Quality Analyst & Tester:
Our Quality Analysts and testers are well experienced in verifying software quality using both manual as well as automated testing tools. A project isn’t completed until a QA team has performed their tests to verify and ensure the quality of the project is up to Qualityacceptable standards.
The role of Quality Analyst is to: (Validate Phase of SDLC)

         icon  Ensure software quality
         icon  Develop testing strategy
         icon  Create testing plan
         icon  Change management
         icon  Configure management
         icon  Release management
         icon  Develop test cases
         icon  Validation testing
         icon  Stress testing
         icon  Usability testing
         icon  Problem solving and management
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