iApps24 Employee Benefits

At iApps24, employees create our energy. We constantly strive to maintain competitive benefits packages, successful in staying ahead of other companies. We believe that our employees are our pride. Giving our employees the best benefits are also a way to respect an employee and our relationship with the employee. Our comprehensive benefits package allows us to build a long-term relationship with the most highly trained and talented professionals in the industry. We know our continued success depends on your satisfaction as our employee; hence we work hard to bring you what you deserve.
Here is an overview of iApps24’s Employee Benefits for a salaried employee as follows:

Health Care Benefits:

An employee’s health is always our first concern. And we go the extra step to provide health care to our employees from day one (which most employers do not provide)

401k Plan:

All salaried employees are eligible to participate in iApps24’s 401k Plan. An employee can elect to invest in what suits them best.

Paid Time off/ Holidays:

Unlike other employers, we make sure, every year, our employees have their paid time off/holidays, after all the hard work they put through the year. Paid time off may vary depending on their tenure with the iApps24.

Referral Program:

When an employee’s colleagues or friends are looking for the right place to grow make a referral and get rewarded. iApps24y offers a $50 reward to its employees with the succesful hire of a referral candidate.

Discounts on your phone bill:

iApps24 has a special discount that an employee can avail with AT&T, for employees to cut down on the phone bills. We are also slowly expanding with the number of ties we have with other wireless networks.

Tuition Assistance:

iApps24 has special assistance for training. Programs designed to bolster their skill and speed up their growth in their career.

Permanent Residence in the States:
iApps24 sponsors U.S permanent residency (Green Cards) for foreign nationals – Green Cards under EB2 which not many other employers provide. Law firms and an in-house immigration team partners with iApps24, giving us the edge over other companies.

Relocation Assistance:
iApps24’s relocation assistance comes in handy for employees that need to move for client needs. This may vary from case to case.



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